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Call for Papers: Southern Feminist Theory
The journal Feminist Theory is publishing a special issue that focusses on the discussion about theory as a contribution to the decolonization of feminist thought, and as a step towards greater internationalization of the journal itself. Click here to learn more about the contributions.
2nd MenEngage Global Symposium
MenEngage, a global alliance of organizations working with men and boys for gender equality is organizing the 2nd MenEngage Global Symposium in Delhi in November 2014. Abstract submission closes on 31st May 2014.
Sexuality, Health and Society
This issue presents two articles that analyze particularly loaded notions deployed in contemporary debates on sexual abuse of children and adolescents, and on the legalization of abortion in our Region. Another common thread connecting the articles is the analytical challenge of taking up different empirical contexts with the tools of the approach conventionally designated as intersectional.
International Men’s Day. Really?
The Institute of Development Studies (University of Sussex) released the report “Undressing Patriarchy: Redressing Inequalities”, on International Men’s Day (Nov 19th). Read the IDS report and also the article “International Men"s Day: When 365 Days Just Aren"t Enough”, by leaders Michael Kaufman and Gary Baker and see why it is time to refocus the discussion.
The Sexual History of the Global South
The current issue (9.4) of Global South Sephis e-Magazine carries the review “The Sexual History of the Global South: Sexual Politics in Africa, Asia and Latin America”, by Saskia Wieringa and Horacio Sívori (Zed Books, London, 2013).
Duke University"s Feminist Theory Workshop International Travel Award - 2014
The Program in Women’ss Studies at Duke University are offering travel awards of up to $1,000 to international PhD or post-doctoral scholars outside the United States to attend the Feminist Theory Workshop, March 21-22, 2014 in Durham, North Carolina.
On the media

| Tensão entre prevenção biomédica e direitos humanos divide gestores e ativistas pós Conferência (30/07/2014 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Tratamento precoce contra HIV não evita ressurgimento do vírus, diz estudo (23/07/2014 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Povos indígenas de todo o mundo afirmam que tem sido ignorados na luta contra o HIV (23/07/2014 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Tratamento de HIV/Aids do Brasil salva mais que média global (22/07/2014 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Ausência de delegações latino-americana é notada na 20ª Conferência de Aids (22/07/2014 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Leis que discriminam homossexuais ajudam a propagar o HIV (22/07/2014 - Exame - Brasil - )

| Mais de 700 mi de meninas foram forçadas a casar, diz Unicef (22/07/2014 - Terra - Brasil - )

| Metade das novas infecções de HIV acontece entre populações-chave, diz OMS (21/07/2014 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Diretor da ONU pede fim da ‘hipocrisia’ na luta contra a Aids (21/07/2014 - Clipping LGBT - Brasil - )

| Ativistas responsabilizam governo pelo aumento de novas infecções por HIV (17/07/2014 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Infecções por HIV caem no mundo, mas crescem no Brasil, diz ONU (16/07/2014 - G1 - Brasil - )

| Mujeres y niñas, principales víctimas de bombardeos en Gaza (16/07/2014 - Cimac Noticias - México - )

| Gobierno “no tiene idea” de cómo indagar el feminicidio (16/07/2014 - Cimac Noticias - México - )

| Ativistas ponderam sobre recomendação da OMS para todos HSH tomarem antirretrovirais (14/07/2014 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Mulher cria página que reúne histórias de aborto para promover "discussão mais honesta" sobre o tem (14/07/2014 - Marie Claire - Brasil - )


Although we do not feature new English contents as regularly, our Latin American website is updated weekly, featuring original articles, interviews, reviews, campaigns and news releases from the whole region. Please visit our Spanish and Portuguese homepages for the latest on sexuality research and sexual rights in Latin America.



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