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Call for papers: Technoscience, bodies, gender and sexuality
In this number, we intend to publish papers based on empirical researches and/or theoretical approaches, which analyze how gender permeate the production of scientific knowledge, as well as its implications in the production of conventions and interventions about the issues in question. The submissions must be sent until February, 14, 2015.
Sexuality and Geopolitics
Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW) has published a two-volume publication in e-book format aimed at critically reflecting on Sexuality and Geopolitics. The publications are an outcome of a series of three regional Dialogues in Asia, Latin America and Africa involving activists and researchers on human rights field.
In focus
Issue 11 of Sexualidades, a tri-lingual working paper series, brings an article on TV representations of prostitution in Argentina, by Carolina Justo Von Lurzer.
Sexuality, Health and Society
The articles published in this issue of Sexuality, Health and Society simultaneously evoke a variety of scenes, projected over the immense background of contemporary Latin American society and politics.
International Men’s Day. Really?
The Institute of Development Studies (University of Sussex) released the report “Undressing Patriarchy: Redressing Inequalities”, on International Men’s Day (Nov 19th). Read the IDS report and also the article “International Men"s Day: When 365 Days Just Aren"t Enough”, by leaders Michael Kaufman and Gary Baker and see why it is time to refocus the discussion.
A sociological view of sexology
In this interview, sociologist Janice Irvine talks about how the field of sexology has changed since she wrote the article Regulated Passions: the invention of inhibited sexual desire and sex addiction, which is now translated into Portuguese and published in the 14th volume of Sexuality, Health and Society – Latin American Journal.
On the media

| Siguen los crímenes de odio en Bogotá (19/11/2014 - El Espectador - Colombia - )

| Quase 30% das jovens latino-americanas se tornam mães antes dos 20 anos, diz comissão da ONU (17/11/2014 - Agência Patrícia Galvão - Brasil - )

| Tambalea el matrimonio gay (15/11/2014 - El Espectador - Colombia - )

| Dez mulheres morrem após cirurgia coletiva de esterilização na Índia (12/11/2014 - G1 - Brasil - )

| Aborto de meninas se espalha como epidemia no Leste Europeu, diz ONU (11/11/2014 - Folha de São Paulo - Brasil - )

| SUS inclui atendimento a vítimas de violência sexual (10/11/2014 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Transexuais dizem que se sentiram acolhidas no Enem com nome social (10/11/2014 - G1 - Brasil - )

| Dados do RJ mostram que é preciso avançar em questões como aborto e gravidez na adolescência (06/11/2014 - Agência Patrícia Galvão - Brasil - )

| Mais de dois milhões de meninas já foram vacinadas contra o HPV (04/11/2014 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Penitenciárias femininas só liberam sexo entre presas após casamento (03/11/2014 - Folha de São Paulo - Brasil - )

| Jovem ativista defende direitos homossexuais no Iraque (31/10/2014 - Terra - Brasil - )

| Índice de nascimentos no Brasil cai abaixo da taxa de reposição (30/10/2014 - Agência Brasil - )

| Video sobre acoso callejero ha sido visto por más de 7 millones de personas (29/10/2014 - El Espectador - Colombia - )

| Bogotá, la capital con el sistema de transporte más inseguro para las mujeres (29/10/2014 - El Espectador - Colombia - )

| Françoise Girard: ‘O Brasil deixou seu compromisso com os direitos das mulheres’ (28/10/2014 - O Globo - Brasil - )


Although we do not feature new English contents as regularly, our Latin American website is updated weekly, featuring original articles, interviews, reviews, campaigns and news releases from the whole region. Please visit our Spanish and Portuguese homepages for the latest on sexuality research and sexual rights in Latin America.



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