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International ASSHH Conference
The 3rd Conference of the Association for the Social Sciences and Humanities in HIV (ASSHH) will take place between 6-9 July 2015 in Stellenbosch, South Africa.
Digital Security for LGBTI Activists
Tactical Tech has launched an online questionnaire to assess the digital security awareness and training needs of LGBTI rights defenders and individuals. Learn more about this initiative.
FSSS Grants-in-Aid Program
The Foundation for the Scientific Study of Sexuality has a Grants-in-Aid Program that provides up to $1,000 (per grant) to support scientific sexuality research in areas not likely to receive support from other sources.
Sexuality, Health and Society - Latin American Journal 18
The ensemble of articles and book reviews in this issue of Sexuality, Health and Society explore life, labor, and identity itineraries unforeseen/unforeseeable vis-à-vis currrent gender and sexuality conventions. They discuss various situations of displacement or rupture: commercial sex; infertility and its derivations; Viagra recreational use; beauty pageants; abortion and couple swinging.
Call for abstracts - SVRI Forum 2015: Innovation and intersections
The event will be hosted from 14 – 17 September at Spier 1692 Estate, Stellenbosch, South Africa. It will bring together colleagues from around the world, under the theme of innovation and intersections, to present paper and poster presentations, special sessions and workshops, to discuss scientific and practical matters related to the prevention and response to sexual and partner violence. Deadline for abstracts: 30 April 2015.
Call for papers: Technoscience, bodies, gender and sexuality
In this number, we intend to publish papers based on empirical researches and/or theoretical approaches, which analyze how gender permeate the production of scientific knowledge, as well as its implications in the production of conventions and interventions about the issues in question. The submissions must be sent until February, 14, 2015.
On the media

| Até dezembro, novos remédios para hepatite C estarão no SUS, diz ministro Chioro (30/07/2015 - Agência de notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Meu gênero é feminino. Sou mulher, diz primeira coordenadora travesti da Secretaria de Direitos Hu (15/07/2015 - Agência de notícia da Aids - Brasil - )

| Incidência de aids em prisões reforça campanha do governo contra maioridade penal (23/06/2015 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Hospital na Suécia abrirá primeira clínica do país para homens vítimas de estupro (23/06/2015 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| El premio Nobel que no quiere que hombres y mujeres compartan laboratorio (11/06/2015 - BBC Mundo - )

| No cesa violencia contra LGBT (11/06/2015 - El Espectador - Colombia - )

| Papa crea tribunal para juzgar a obispos que han encubierto a curas pedófilos (10/06/2015 - El Espectador - Colombia - )

| ONGs criticam proposta de limitar exame CD4 para pacientes com HIV (10/06/2015 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Sul-africanas com HIV afirmam que foram esterilizadas (10/06/2015 - Terra - Brasil - )

| Lewandowski autoriza restrição a portadores do HIV nas Forças Armadas. ONG Gestos repudia decisão (10/06/2015 - Agência de Notícias da Aids - Brasil - )

| Crucificação na Parada Gay é alvo de polêmica com religiosos (09/06/2015 - Folha de São Paulo - Brasil - )

| “Al fin nos reconocieron como seres humanos y no como enfermos” (09/06/2015 - Semana - Colombia - )

| Mulheres vão mais ao médico que homens, mostra IBGE (04/06/2015 - O Estado de Minas - Brasil - )

| Irlanda, o primeiro país a aprovar o casamento gay em um referendo (27/05/2015 - El País - )

| Aluno da UFMA é condenado a pagar R$ 7 mil a professor vítima de homofobia (27/05/2015 - UOL - Brasil - )


Although we do not feature new English contents as regularly, our Latin American website is updated weekly, featuring original articles, interviews, reviews, campaigns and news releases from the whole region. Please visit our Spanish and Portuguese homepages for the latest on sexuality research and sexual rights in Latin America.



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