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New Developments in the ICD Revision Process
GATE (Global Action for Trans* Equality) and STP, International Campaign Stop Trans Pathologization report that the World Health Organization (WHO) has published online its proposals on trans* health in the ICD-11 Beta Draft.
Respond to a survey on sexual rigths and the internet
The Association for Progressive Comunications (APC) is seeking online respondents to its EROTICS 2014 survey, on internet regulation and sexual rights. If you are a techie, a feminist, or work with women´s or sexual rights issues, please take a moment to respond.
In focus
Issue 11 of Sexualidades, a tri-lingual working paper series, brings an article on TV representations of prostitution in Argentina, by Carolina Justo Von Lurzer.
Call for Papers: Southern Feminist Theory
The journal Feminist Theory is publishing a special issue that focusses on the discussion about theory as a contribution to the decolonization of feminist thought, and as a step towards greater internationalization of the journal itself. Click here to learn more about the contributions.
Sexuality, Health and Society
The articles published in this issue of Sexuality, Health and Society simultaneously evoke a variety of scenes, projected over the immense background of contemporary Latin American society and politics.
2nd MenEngage Global Symposium
MenEngage, a global alliance of organizations working with men and boys for gender equality is organizing the 2nd MenEngage Global Symposium in Delhi in November 2014. Abstract submission closes on 31st May 2014.
On the media

| Relatório final do sínodo mostra cisão na igreja sobre gays e divórcio (20/10/2014 - Folha de São Paulo - Brasil - )

| Universidade Federal de Pernambuco fará cirurgias de mudança de sexo pelo SUS (20/10/2014 - Diário de Pernambuco - Brasil - )

| Clínicas de aborto no Texas poderão permanecer abertas (16/10/2014 - Terra - Brasil - )

| Nova tradução de documento do Vaticano diminui abertura aos gays (16/10/2014 - Folha de São Paulo - Brasil - )

| Tem início Consulta Pública para normas sobre parto (16/10/2014 - Agência Patrícia Galvão - Brasil - )

| Buscarán legislar a favor del reconocimiento del trabajo sexual en Distrito Federal (14/10/2014 - Notiese - México - )

| Assembleias de todo o País terão 26 mulheres a menos (13/10/2014 - A Tarde - Brasil - )

| Documento do Vaticano diz que homossexuais têm qualidades (13/10/2014 - Folha de São Paulo - Brasil - )

| Cuotas de género han intensificado discriminación y violencia hacia las mujeres (10/10/2014 - Notiese - México - )

| Representação de mulheres aumenta pouco no Congresso (08/10/2014 - Exame - Brasil - )

| Espaldarazo jurídico a vagones para mujeres en TransMilenio (07/10/2014 - El Espectador - Colombia - )

| Congresso eleito é o mais conservador desde 1964, diz Diap (07/10/2014 - R7 - Brasil - )

| Exigen a gobierno chiapaneco reparar daños en casos de violencia obstétrica (07/10/2014 - Notiese - México - )

| Suprema Corte dos EUA abre caminho para casamento gay em cinco Estados (06/10/2014 - Folha de São Paulo - Brasil - )

| La obsesión de la iglesia católica por los gais (05/10/2014 - El Espectador - Colombia - )


Although we do not feature new English contents as regularly, our Latin American website is updated weekly, featuring original articles, interviews, reviews, campaigns and news releases from the whole region. Please visit our Spanish and Portuguese homepages for the latest on sexuality research and sexual rights in Latin America.



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