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IASSCS is pleased to announce a small research grants competition for emerging researchers, with the objective to promote research capacity development and research dissemination, prioritizing research issues in the Global South.
Bridging the gap between faith, gender and sexuality
The Sexuality, Poverty and Law Programme at IDS/Sussex launches a free interactive toolkit
2nd International Conference on LGBT Psychology and Related Fields
Call for abstracts open until January 10 for the various thematic symposia of an international conference onhow to address the impact of discrimination against LGBT people worldwide. The congresswill take place at the Universidad del Estado de Rio de Janeiro campus, on March 8th to 10th this year.
Tensions and dislocations
A new issue of Sexualidad, Salud y Sociedad – Latin American Journal explores topics dear to the field of gender, sexuality, health, and politics. By problematizing issues and dislodging assumptions, they bring a reexamination of classical concepts in the humanities and social sciences.
Ambiguities of Aids policy
Sexualidades # 13 launched at the IASSCS website. In this issue, anthropologist Claudia Cunha addresses the ambiguities and contradictions of Aids policies in relation to the sexuality of youth living with HIV/Aids.
Call for papers for a special issue
Sexualidad, Salud y Sociedad – Latin American Journal welcomes original works for a special issue on “Fundamentalisms,” Sexuality, and Human Rights in Latin America: Expanding the boundaries of a discussion. The deadline for submission of complete manuscripts is January 31, 2016.
On the media

| Grupo aciona Supremo por direito a aborto se mulher tiver zika (25/08/2016 - Folha - )

| La Corte Constitucional de Colombia avala el matrimonio igualitario (08/04/2016 - El Pais (España) - )

| Zika, la crisis de las mujeres (08/04/2016 - El Mundo (España) - )

| Más de 5.000 embarazadas están ya afectadas por el zika en Colombia (08/04/2016 - El Pais (España, Internacional) - )

| En Respuesta al Virus del Zika: Un Enfoque Feminista (08/04/2016 - Women´s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) - )

| Desigualdade em infraestrutura é catalisadora do surto de zika no Brasil (05/04/2016 - UOL Brasil - )

| Microcefalia e direitos reprodutivos... Mas que direitos? (30/03/2016 - CCR - )

| Para pesquisadora, questão central do aborto não é a microcefalia, mas o direito à saúde da mulher (29/03/2016 - Uol - Brasil - )

| Novos feminismos e a luta pelo direitos das mulheres (11/03/2016 - Nexo - )

| O aborto, como o cisco no olho (11/03/2016 - Diálogos do Sul - )

| DIA DA MULHER: Morrer ou lutar? (09/03/2016 - Agência da Aids - Brasil - )

| Transmissão da zika por via sexual pode ser mais comum, indica OMS (09/03/2016 - Folha de São Paulo - )

| Ativista Diego Callisto fala sobre HIV e preconceito no "Altas Horas" (01/03/2016 - Agência da Aids - Brasil - )

| Dia Mundial da Zero Discriminação: Impactos do estigma no enfrentamento ao HIV é tema de seminário d (01/03/2016 - Agência da Aids - Brasil - )

| Pernambucanos iniciam estudos com vírus que pode exterminar o HIV (25/02/2016 - Agência da Aids - Brasil - )


Although we do not feature new English contents as regularly, our Latin American website is updated weekly, featuring original articles, interviews, reviews, campaigns and news releases from the whole region. Please visit our Spanish and Portuguese homepages for the latest on sexuality research and sexual rights in Latin America.



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