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Issue 25

This issue features a dossier on social movements, body, and authority, guest-edited and introduced by Maria Claudia Coelho and Ceres Víctora.

Besides the dossier, the articles featured in our regular edition analise the progress and challenges to the exercice of the right to sexual and reproductive health in Argentina over the past four decades, the body as agent in research, queer approaches to education, and trans tights in court rulings.

Papers addressing sexual rights discuss topics such as consent in sexual practices, the begining sexual careers, sexual socialization, and the boundaries of individual autonomy with regard to the definition of one's own gender identity.

The contributions assembled in this ussue come from different perspectives, such as humanos rights, feminism, demography, and anthropology. They offer analithical and empirical insights to address lags, tensions, and different articulations between the racionalist understandings of the human person underlying laws and court rulings, and those present in the social experience of culutrally and historically situated subjects.

The present issue also includes two book reviews, one on science, medicine, and sexuality in Argentina and Brasil, and the other on artistic careers and female sensibilities in the TV world.

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In 19/07/2017


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