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Call for papers

The Program on Gender Studies (PEG by its acronym in Spanish)- San Marcos National University and Flora Tristán Center of Peruvian Women are pleased to invite scholars and activists to submit articles for the editorial project Women, abortion and religions: debates on sexual policy subjectivities and religious field.

Papers should include these thematic lines, although they are not restricted to:
1. Religious traditions (Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, Shintoism, Taoism, indigenous world views, among others), abortion and women within contemporary societies.
2. Local stories on the relation between abortion and women with different religious traditions.
3. Mechanisms, strategies and representations created by religious leaders or religious discourses existing or affecting the penalization or legalization of abortion within States or the international policy.
4. Spiritual practices of women on abortion in contemporary societies, in particular dialogues and resistances regarding their own religious traditions.
5. Analysis on any aspect regarding spiritual practices (such as divinity and rituality) from a feminist theological perspective.
6. Feminist theological production on abortion and women on each religious tradition.
7. Ability of women and groups of women to take action within the context of spiritual production regarding abortion.
8. Spiritual expressions related to non confessional practices, secularism, atheism and other contemporary spiritual manifestations on abortion.
9. Intersection among religious practices with sexuality, gender, race and social class within the women movement.
10.Relationship among spiritual production, ethical discourses and supporting practices from women, with particular emphasis on the South-South dialogue.

In 26/09/2017


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