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In 13/06/2013

Criminalizing prostitution

Argentinas abolitionist stance treats the persons who work as prostitutes as victims of human trafficking. Eugenia Aravena, executive secretary of AMMAR Cordoba explains that the criminal framework that makes their trade clandestine criminalizes them and leads to greater exploitation. (Text in Spanish.)
In 04/04/2013


The anthropologist Mauro Brigeiro (Unicamp) explored new meanings attached to the aging process, configured by expert discourses such as that of gerontology and sexology. His conclusions make multiple connections between bodies, subjectivities, gender roles, and esthetic conventions. (In Portuguese)
In 21/03/2013


In this special interview on International Women"s Day, Simone Diniz, physician at the Maternal and Infant Health Department of University of São Paulo School of Public Health, makes an assessment of public policy on maternal and child health through the lens of ‘humanizing care" and discusses the high incidence of c-sections and unplanned pregnancies in Brasil.(Text in Portuguese)
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In 30/11/2011

Sexuality research and activism in China

Pei Yuxin, assistant Professor at Sun Yat-sen University, and Cai Yiping, a feminist activist based in Beijing, share their knowledge on issues like sexuality research and activism in China.
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In 30/11/2011

In favor of a real debate in Cameroon

To political scientist S.N. Nyeck (UCLA), the craft of sexual rights in Africa must be sensitive to the insight that “the same state power that wounds, when wielded positively, is power that heals.” she said in an interview with CLAM, while visiting Brazil for an SPW meeting. “Strategies need to be framed within a context that recognizes imperfection at all levels.”
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In 09/12/2009

Migration, bisexuality and HIV

World AIDS Day is observed every year on December 1st. Many studies have focused on homosexuality & Aids, however bisexuality has been scarcely addressed. Researcher Miguel Muñoz-Laboy (Columbia University) looks at the relation between bisexuality – especially among Latino men and HIV prevention, topics rarely linked in studies about Aids transmission.
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In 09/12/2009

Psychoterapy and the Culture Wars

In this interview, psychoanalyst Jack Drescher (MD) takes us through the winding path in and out of psychopathological theories of homosexuality. In his view, the greatest challenge regarding ‘conversion therapies’ is “helping the general public understand the differences between what the mental health mainstream and groups presenting disinformation about homosexuality are saying.
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In 15/01/2009

Colonial legacy

Although 66 States members of the UN condemn violations based on sexual orientation and gender identity, lots of countries still have laws against consensual sex between adults of the same sex. “These laws were left behind by colonial rulers”, researcher Rhoda Redock points out.
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In 16/12/2008

“There is much to be undone”

Anthropologist Richard Parker (Columbia University) analyses Barack Obama’s victory, the long period of moral conservatism and religious extremism of George W. Bush’s administration and the moral panic around issues such as abortion and gay marriage.
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In 09/10/2008

Silent homophobia

Read psychologist James T. Sears’ interview about LGBT youth and Education and download his latest lecture "Homophobic bullying in schools". Sears is author of "Overcoming Heterosexism and Homophobia: Strategies that Work", among other titles.
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