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Sexuality and its discontents: meanings, myths and modern sexualities

The book begins with an examination of our current ‘discontents’, of which the rise of a new ‘Moral Right’ is a potent sign, to show how the crisis is rooted in a sexual and sexological tradition which has ascribed an inflated importance to sexuality. This ‘sexual tradition’ is the subject of the second section, which explores the valiant endeavours of those scientists of desire and philosophers of sex, the sexologists of the past century, to locate the truth of sexuality in ‘Nature’. ‘Nature’, I suggest, in fact had little to do with it. This is followed by a critical examination of the tradition of psychoanalysis, which has a latent power to disrupt the naturalism and essentialism of the sexological tradition and to challenge our conceptions about the relationship between identity and desire. The book closes with an examination of the theories and practice of the new social movements of recent years, especially the feminist, lesbian and gay movements who have organised around questions of identity, desire and choice to challenge the ... (AU)

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Assunto(s): Comportamento; Comportamento sexual; História; Sexualidade;

  • Weeks, Jeffrey()
Editora: Routledge;
Local: Inglaterra
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Ano da Publicação: 1995
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