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The Impact of Sexual Victimization on Personality: A Longitudinal Study of Gendered Attributes

Little is known about how sexual victimization may affect a woman’s self-reported personality ratings. In the present study endorsement ratings of gendered attributes, as measured by the Extended Personal Attributes Questionnaire, were examined over a 3-year span using multiple group latent growth modeling. Differences in the endorsement of gendered attributes between college female non-victims (N = 158) and victims (N = 158) of sexual aggression were tested. Whereas endorsement of communal and positive agentic attributes were stable across time, victims remained consistently less traditionally feminine (i.e., positively communal and nurturing) than non-victims. Victims also appeared to become relatively more self-focused (i.e., negative masculinity) across time than non-victims. This pattern suggests that sexual victimization may have lasting effects on victims’ ability to focus on the nurturing, trusting aspects of relationships; rather they have a preoccupation with their own needs and goals that appears to strengthen with time. Such a pattern sheds insight into how self-processes may contribute to the relationship difficulties often observed in sexual assault victims. Implications of these results for both personality and sexual aggression researchers are discussed.

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Assunto(s): Abuso sexual; Mulheres; Personalidade; Vitimização;

  • White, Jacquelin W.()
Local: Outro (ND)
Tipo de Publicação: Periódico;

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Link/URL: http://link.springer.com/article/10.1007%2Fs11199-006-9179-8#page-1
Código/ISBN/ISSN: 15732762 (On line) - 03600025
Ano da Publicação: 2007 (april)
Nome do Periódico: Sex Roles
Número do Periódico: 7-8
Volume: 56
Colação: p.403-414

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Outros autores: Darcy McMullin; R. J. Wirth. Publicação: Springer Netherlands.
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