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Same sex:

“remote and strange peoples” in a “decent society”

In several contemporary liberal democratic societies, access to marriage and/or the  adoption of children has emerged as the last barrier to formal equality between gays  and lesbians and the wider population. In many countries, the debate around this topic  highlights the underlying political and socio-anthropological debate about the meaning  and function of institutions and constructs such as marriage, kinship, family, affiliation,  parenthood, gender, sexuality, and reproduction. In the present article, same sex
marriage (SSM) is seen as a contested arena. My analysis is based on the conviction  that the demand for equality of access to marriage constitutes a unique case in the field  of sexual politics. This demand for access to an institution seen as conservative and  which reproduces heteronormativity and patriarchy creates transformative dynamics not  because it lacks “revolutionary” radicalism—like, for example, the abolition of marriage—
but rather because it appears to be “integrationist”. A comparative approach will be  adopted to explore the cases of the USA and France. My primary interest, however,  will be the Spanish case, drawing specifically on field-work carried out in Barcelona  (Cataluña) in 2005. (AU)

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Assunto(s): Aspectos antropológicos; Gênero; Homoafetividade; Homoparentalidade; Homossexualidade;

  • Almeida, Miguel Vale de(Autor)
Editora: CLAM;
Local: Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Tipo de Publicação: Artigos eletrônicos;

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Link/URL: http://www.clam.org.br/uploads/publicacoes/book2/08.pdf
Código/ISBN/ISSN: 978-85-89737-82-1
Ano da Publicação: 2013
Colação: p.131-151

In: Sexuality, culture and politics: a south american reader. Rio de Janeiro : CEPESC, 2013. Disponível para download no site do CLAM - Centro latinoameircano em Sexualidade e Direitos Humanos - http://www.clam.org.br
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