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Paternity in youth trajectories: a contribution to the debate on “teenage pregnancy”

This article is about youth sexuality and reproduction from a male perspective. I discuss  to what degree youth paternity is one of the possible ways for poor young men to transition into adulthood. I also address the logic that underlies the management of contraception and its implications in cases of pregnancy. The considerations presented here originated in ethnographic research carried out among the residents of a favela1
in Rio de Janeiro who were between 18 and 24 years old and who had children before the age of 20.2.... (AU)

Informações de Categorização

Assunto(s): Gravidez na adolescência; Jovens; Paternidade; Sexualidade;

  • Cabral, Cristiane S.(Autor)
Editora: CLAM;
Local: Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Tipo de Publicação: Artigos eletrônicos;

Informações da Publicação

Link/URL: http://www.clam.org.br/uploads/publicacoes/book2/13.pdf
Código/ISBN/ISSN: 978-85-89737-82-1
Ano da Publicação: 2013
Colação: p.204-226

In: Sexuality, Culture and  Politics - A South    American Reader. Rio de Janeiro : CLAM, 2013. Disponível para download no site do CLAM - Centro Latinoamericano em Sexualidade e Direitos Humanos - http://www.clam.org.br
Acesso em: 26 set. 2013.

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