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Pleasure and Danger: notes on feminism, sex shops and S/M

This article will deal with pornography. It will examine, in particular, some of porn’s interfaces with feminism. These two social practices were initially seen as antagonistic, especially within a puritan cultural milieu. Today, however, we are witnessing the creation of a politically correct eroticism whose activists are also involved in aiding and advocating for sexual minorities. The discussion that follows situates the debate in the emergence of this new aspect of eroticism and identifies its most immediate
implications. On the one hand, this represents a shift in understandings of eroticism, from transgression to meanings increasingly associated with the healthy care of the body and the strengthening of the self. On the otherhand, it is also a neutralization—a domestication of sorts—of the violence involved in sadomasochist practices. (AU)

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Assunto(s): Erotismo; História; Movimento Feminista; Pornografia; Prazer; Sadomasoquismo; Sex Shops;

  • Gregori, Maria Filomena(Autor)
Editora: CLAM;
Local: Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Tipo de Publicação: Artigos eletrônicos;

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Link/URL: http://www.clam.org.br/uploads/publicacoes/book2/22.pdf
Código/ISBN/ISSN: 978-85-89737-82-1
Ano da Publicação: 2013
Colação: p.390-405

In: Sexuality, culture and politics: a south american reader. Disponível para download no site do CLAM - Centro Latinoamericano em Sexualidade e Direitos Humanos - http://www.clam.org.br
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