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Of histories, hysterias and hysterectomies:

Medical discourses and imaginaries on female reproduction

The history of a hysterectomy serves as a starting point to examine the meanings attached not only to this procedure, but also to female reproductive processes in the perspective of bio-medicine and culture. Critiques of gynecology and obstetrics have motivated the reformulation of several medical practices, research on treatment alternatives, and the
empowerment of regarding medical decisions about their bodies. Medical discourse and bio-medical practices on the female body account for complex power hierarchies. An investigation into those must address how the female body is perceived, under a cultural perspective of reproduction; as well as the implications of this and other surgical procedures, public health concerns and medical treatments options from a human rights perspective. Medical discourses and the socio-cultural constructions on reproduction
are under constant tension. This tension is compelling because contemporary medicine is at the same time liberating and controlling; both necessary for survival and essentializing of women’s lives. This paper is written from the perspectives of medical anthropology and feminist critiques of science, and gynecology in particular. Through my hysterectomy experience I also underscore the presence of cultural stereotypes in
scientific discourses related to womanhood, as well as the representations implicit in metaphors on reproduction and their impact on women’s lives.(AU)

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Assunto(s): Aspectos sociológicos; Histerectomia; Menopausa; Mulheres; Saúde Reprodutiva; Saúde mental;

  • Tovar, Patricia(Autor)
Editora: CLAM;
Local: Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
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Link/URL: http://www.clam.org.br/uploads/publicacoes/book2/36.pdf
Código/ISBN/ISSN: 978-85-89737-82-1
Ano da Publicação: 2013
Colação: p.639-654

In: Sexuality, Culture and  Politics - A South American Reader.Disponível para download no site do CLAM - Centro Latinoamericano em Sexualidade e Direitos Humanos - http://www.clam.org.br
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