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Gerontology as a new science of sexuality and new configurations of the sexual life course

Gerontology takes older people, old age, and the aging process as its objects of reflection and intervention. In this article, I will argue that gerontology as a field of knowledge and practice has also become a new source of information about sexuality. Over the past decades, reflections on old age have generated a very particular set of discourses on
human sexuality in the more advanced periods of life. These discourses serve as material for critical reflection on the social construction of sexuality in Modernity and the new models of sexual life proposed by experts on old age. Those models suggest particular perspectives on the nature of sexuality, its importance to the well-being of the elderly, and the new temporary parameters that govern sex along the life course. My premise is
that specialist discourses have developed a new social sensibility around sex and old age, establishing and consolidating a basis for the control and normalization of sexuality and the experience of aging. Foucault’s propositions on disciplinary power (1979) are a necessary reference in the effort to interpret the meanings and power dynamics at play in these discourses.... (AU)

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Assunto(s): Comportamento; Envelhecimento; Gerontologia; Idosos; Sexualidade;

  • Brigeiro, Mauro(Autor)
Editora: CLAM;
Local: Rio de Janeiro (RJ)
Tipo de Publicação: Artigos eletrônicos;

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Link/URL: http://www.clam.org.br/uploads/publicacoes/book2/38.pdf
Código/ISBN/ISSN: 978-85-89737-82-1
Ano da Publicação: 2013
Colação: p.671-684

In: Sexuality, culture and politics: a south american reader. Disponível para download no site do CLAM - Centro Latinoamericano em Sexualidade e Direitos Humanos - http://www.clam.org.br>
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