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Localizing power and solidarity:

This article brings the study of language to the social phenomenon of genderrelated violence as it is currently being dealt with in institutional settings. It investigates the social significance of 2nd person pronoun variation and alternation in 26 professional-victim interactions in two parallel institutions created to address violence against women in Brazil: a police station with an all-female staff, and a feminist crisis intervention center.Aquantitative analysis of patterns of use is complemented by a qualitative analysis of the interactional strategies of 2nd person pronoun alternation in the two settings. Pronoun switching is innovatively analyzed under the theory of code alternation developed by Auer 1995. The qualitative analysis demonstrates how pronoun alternation functions as a contextualization cue in face-to-face interactions. In particular, it shows the different ways in which pronoun alternation is used to contextualize phenomena such as preference organization and changes in frames and footings, and locally to exercise power and0or solidarity (AU)

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Assunto(s): Análise de Conversa; Interação Institucional; Linguagem e gênero; Sociolinguística interacional; Trabalho de face; Violência de gênero;

  • Ostermann, Ana Cristina()
Local: Outro (ND)
Tipo de Publicação: Periódico;

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Ano da Publicação: 2003
Nome do Periódico: Language in Society
Número do Periódico: 3
Volume: 32
Colação: p.351-381

Acesso em: 14 Jul. 2010

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