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Sexuality, Health and Society

The number of articles and topics on this issue of Sexuality, Health and Society represent an enhancement with regard to the journal’s stated purpose, as a space for the confluence of debates which, through diverse approaches, explore cultural and political dimensions of sexuality in Latin American countries––in this issue represented by Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Uruguay.

The Dossier Medicalization, Sexuality and Gender: Subjects and agency, follows up debates introduced in previous issues of the journal, about scientific investments and the production of knowledge, bio-medical in particular, on the subject of sexuality, and their role in the development of subjectivities, public policy, and the creation of new political subjects, such as travesti and transgender individuals. Under the rubric of medicalization, the Dossier explores less researched issues such as “erectile dysfunction,” intersexuality, transsexuality, circumcision, sex-addiction, asexuality, and exchanges between communities organized around sadomasochistic practices and medical professionals and scientists.

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Publicada em: 08/08/2013

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