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Sexuality, Health and Society

The eighth issue of Sexuality Health and Society - Latin American Journal assembles a collection of articles representative of some of the main investments in sexuality in the current research landscape of the Region. Among them, the one about the construction and dissemination of the principles of sexual and reproductive rights stands out. The texts that analyze that process do not merely advocate for such rights, but address them as a new language through which subjects perceive themselves, their desires and practices, and position themselves vis-à-vis crucial issues in the current political agenda, such as the right to abortion or the social integration of homosexualities. In different ways they analyze how the language of rights is embodied in the everyday, how it becomes intertwined with other social values, threading a close-knit web of meanings and representations. To that end, the scholars whose reflections we present in this issue master different research techniques and articulate important frameworks of sociological thought, like the ones deriving from symbolic interactionism, and from the anthropology of performance and of emotions.

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Publicada em: 03/08/2011

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