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In 10/11/2005

Poster Homo-Bisexual trajectories of young brazilians: results of a populational survey in three brazilian state capitals

Click here to see the poster "Homo-Bisexual trajectories of young brazilians: results of a populational survey in three brazilian state capitals", by anthropologists Maria Luiza Heilborn and Cristiane S. Cabral.
In 03/10/2005

Sexuality, gender and rights

This volume analyses and documents the groundbreaking work done by many organisations to bring issues of sexuality and rights to public attention, to expand the freedoms of women and sexual minorities and to highlight the unfair distinctions faced by those not conforming to gender and sexual norms across a range of expressions, behaviours and identities in Asia.
In 13/09/2005

Sexual rights and cultural imperialism

Can advocacy for sexual rights be aligned with anti-imperialist activism, or does it unwittingly participate in forms of cultural imperialism? Can sexual rights be pursued outside frameworks of neoliberal politics? In a lecture at CLAM, researcher Greg Mullins, professor at Evergreen College, Washington, presented some remarks from his current research, a book entitled “Human Rights, Humane Letters”.
In 19/07/2005

State homophobia

ILGA’s World Legal Map on LGBT Legislations is a helpful resource for those working to promote the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgender people around the world, whether they be activists, lawyers, academics or people working in the media. Click here to access.
In 18/05/2005

Towards a democratic right to sexuality

Written by Judge Roger Raupp Rios, the document aims to reflect upon sexual rights from the standpoint of the Brazilian legal debate. Its purpose is to collaborate towards the advance of the legal debate on sexuality from a human rights perspective.
In 02/05/2005

Notes on abortion in Latin America

Peruvian lawyer Roxana Vásquez (Latin American and Caribbean Committeee for the Defense of Women’s Rights), in Brazil for the debate “Sexuality, reproduction and human rights – Latin America in the global context”, talks about the situation of abortion in the region.
In 02/05/2005

Sexual rights of gays, lesbians and transgenders

Judge Roger Raupp Rios presents the panorama of the sexual rights of gays, lesbians and transgenders in Latin America. According to him, Latino male machismo and religious fundamentalism are obstacles to overcome.
In 13/04/2005

Lethal Violence Against Gays and Transgenders in Rio de Janeiro City: General Characteristics

Written by anthropologists Sérgio Carrara and Adriana Vianna, the article Lethal Violence Against Gays and Transgenders in Rio de Janeiro City: General Characteristics is based on information on the murder of male homosexuals collected by the police and the justice system, dealing with the issue on a more serious basis.
In 05/04/2005

'Dialogue', an online publication

Talking about sexuality from a human rights perspective through seminars, researches, books and strategic documents. "Dialogue", an online publication, shows how and why CLAM connects the academia, social movement and civil society in Latin America, in order to promote reflection. Get the knowledge you need about the center, its regional training programmes and activities. Click here to download.
In 28/03/2005

Reconciling work and family: Issues and policies in Brazil (2004), Conditions of Work and Employment Series No. 8

Although there is a considerable and growing literature on the reconciliation of work and family life in many western and industrialized countries, little literature is available on how these issues are addressed in developing or middle-income countries.
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