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In 08/08/2013

Sexuality, Health and Society

The number of articles and topics on this issue of Sexuality, Health and Society represent an enhancement with regard to the journal’s stated purpose, as a space for the confluence of debates which, through diverse approaches, explore cultural and political dimensions of sexuality in Latin American countries––in this issue represented by Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Mexico and Uruguay.
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In 17/07/2013


The IUCN Global Gender Office is the institutional anchor of IUCN´s work on gender equality and women’s empowerment.
In 20/06/2013

Queering Paradigms 5 in Quito

Under the title Queering Narratives of Modernity this conference will explore the intersection of queer and de-colonial studies. Quito, Ecuador, February 2014. Deadline for proposals: August 26, 2013
In 13/06/2013

Notes on current revisions of the Brazilian bill against homophobia

Federal Magistrate Roger Raupp Rios examines––in the perspective of Brazilian anti-discrimination law, and other important normative frameworks – the foundation and details of current revisions to the Federal Congress Bill Nº 122, which seeks to curb intolerance, hatred and discrimination in Brasil. (Texto in Portuguese)
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In 12/06/2013

Rape as a global phenomenon

The recent wave of rapes in Brazil, India, Egypt and the US validates that rape is a global phenomenon, though any individual experience of rape is deep-rooted in a social and political context, which also affects the ways in which the victim, the perpetrator, their families, and local institutions react and represent what happened, experts say.
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In 28/05/2013

Call for Papers - Post-Transitional Fertility in Developing Countries: Causes and Implications

For almost 70 years the idea of the demographic transition has been central to our understanding of global population dynamics. After many decades of relevance, however, the utility of the demographic transition model for anticipating the future is rapidly diminishing.what can we expect in the future in the low fertility regions of the world?
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In 28/05/2013

Labor rights for housekeepers

According to the International Labor Organization, demand for household labor in on the rise around the world. This, however, has not meant an improvement in work conditions. Uruguay, Bolivia, Brazil, and Chile have taken important steps, but other countries in the region seem reluctant to recognize housekeepers’ labor rights. (Text in spanish)
In 28/05/2013

Homophobic hate crimes in Mexico

The report Crímenes de odio por homofobia: un concepto en construcción (2012), by Rodrigo Parrini Roses and Alejandro Brito Lemus, is now available for download. The volume presents research findings instrumental to protect the human rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and trans persons (LGBT) in Mexico. (Text in spanish)
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In 03/05/2013

Gender, Sexuality and Struggles for Justice in Latin America: Legal, Political and Social Dimensions

The Sexualities, and Gender and Feminist Studies Sections of the Latin American Studies Association – LASA are organizing an pre-conference on the opening day of the Association’s XXXI International Congress, May 29, at the Washington College of Law, American University, in Washington D.C. Entrance is free.
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In 04/04/2013


The thirteenth issue of Sexuality, Heath and Society – Latin American Journal explores the ways regulations, conventions and norms about sexuality are specified in Latin America.
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