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The regulation of esthetic surgery generates debates about personal autonomy over one’s own body and the imposition of a hegemonic model of beauty and femininity, as a response to an increasing demand for such interventions and its evident health impact. Experts discuss boundaries within this field and the issues at stake for feminists and transgender advocates. (In Spanish)
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Call for papers

Creating new development paradigms to achieve sexual and reproductive health and rights: critical analysis and reflection. Submissions due 1-31 May 2013.
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In 21/03/2013

Strategic election

The election of Jorge Bergoglio as pope is strategic in terms of religious geopolitical interests. It is no coincidence that the new pope comes from Latin America, where Catholics are a majority, and where yet sexual and reproductive right have made significant headways, said Maria José Rosado, Catholics for Choice chair in Brazil. (Text in Spanish)
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What is the role of the internet in your work to advance sexual rights? What are some of the obstacles, threats or challenges that you have faced online? The Association for Progressive Communications (APC) invites you to participate in a survey on Internet regulation and sexual rights.
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Waiting for rights

This research report by sociologist Rosa Oliveira (Pagu/Unicamp) maps the sexual rights agenda in the three branches of the Brazilian state. Official responses have increased over the past years, though inconsistently, due to conflicts between the demands on behalf of social movements and the rise of religious actors in state politics. (Text in Portuguese)
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Suffering birth labor

Suffering birth labor The recognition and sanction of obstetric violence in Argentina and Venezuela illustrate the accomplishments of the movement towards the humanization of birth labor in the region. However, Brazil and Chile still report high rates of invasive and unjustified medical interventions. Specialists urge for cultural changes, restoring women their agency over their bodies.
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The transference of the conservative agenda on the regulation of life, sexuality and the family towards a scientific and rights language reveals new interactions between religion, science and politics. These are key to understand the current scope of religious activism on issues like abortion and the recognition of sexual diversity. (Text in Spanish.)
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In 14/02/2013

II European Geographies of Sexualities Conference: Call for papers

This Conference wants to create a space of debate and questioning to explore beyond normative domains and practices of heteronormativity, Western views, English, globalisation, whiteness and male hegemony. Interested contributors should send an abstract of a paper, or a proposal of a session/panel discussion via online submissions by 28th February 2013 – Sessions and 31st March 2013 – Papers.
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In 31/01/2013

International conference and research training

The International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society’s (IASSCS) ninth biennial conference, “Sex and the Marketplace: What’s Love got to do with it?” will take place in Buenos Aires, August 28th to 31st 2013. A research training course will be offered immediate afterwards.
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In 30/01/2013

The Price of a Stolen Childhood

The NY Times article The Price of a Stolen Childhood discusses the psychological impact of child sexual abuse and the possibility of compensation for its damages. The article offers an in depth look at the story of two women who suffered sexual abuse during their childhood, and whose images were circulated without their consent.
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