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In 22/08/2012

The State and sexual politics

This issue of Sexuality Health and Society brings significant contributions to a reflection on contemporary sexual politics in Latin America. The articles focus on the limits and vicissitudes faced by important State projects, in which human rights language is mobilized to protect not only certain individuals, but sexuality (and sexual pleasure) itself.
América Latina  
In 31/05/2012

An intellectual tradition in Latin America

This project, conducted by Mario Pecheny and colleagues at CLAM, seeks to understand the ways in which sexuality, rights and politics have been addressed in the region since the 1980s, resulting in an intellectual tradition of research and activism in this field.
In 16/05/2012

Rising State-homophobia

This sixth issue of ILGA annual report on State-sponsored homophobia sees unfortunately an increase in the total number of countries in the world with a legislation persecuting people due to their sexual orientation, which now are 78 against the 76 of last year. See also the world map of LGBT people rights.
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In 03/05/2012

Women and the internet

This  toolkit by encourages women to take internet development critically with a vision of inclusion, fairness and respect for womens rights. It is meant to raise awareness and encourage participation in a new environment where women should not be absent.
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In 03/04/2012

Beyond dichotomies

This issue of Sexuality, Health & Society brings significant contributions to a reflection on the tensions at stake and in conflict today in the field of sexuality, configuring new moralities, sensibilities, and experiences, as well as new evaluation criteria about what must be considered healthy and normal.
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In 06/02/2012

First call for papers for Abeh Conference

It is now open submission of proposals for the VI International ABEH Conference of Studies on Sexual and Gender Diversity, that is going to take place at UFBA (Federal University of Bahia) in Salvador (Brazil), on August 1st, 2nd and 3rd, 2012.
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In 18/01/2012


SOCIEDADE E CULTURA magazine has publicly announced a call for papers for the thematic dossier, organized by Professors Luiz Mello (Universidade Federal de Goiás) and Carlos Figari (Universidade de Buenos Aires). Selected papers will be published in magazine vol. 15, no. 2, 2nd semester of 2012.
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In 20/12/2011

Sexualidades: a working paper series

The working paper series Sexualidades, hosted by the International Resource Network (IRN), is seeking original work on gender and sexuality for our on-line publication. This peer-reviewed series promotes the work of emerging and established scholars writing in English, Spanish, or Portuguese throughout the Latin American and Caribbean regions by publishing, disseminating, and discussing new research on sexuality and gender.
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In 07/12/2011

Sexuality, Health and Society

The group of articles and book reviews in this year’s last issue of Sexuality, Health, and Society - Latin American Journal explore different dimensions of sexuality in remarkably diverse social contexts––thus mirroring the social diversity that characterizes the region.
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In 16/11/2011


IASSCS is pleased to announce a small research grants competition for researchers, with the objective to promote research capacity development and research dissemination during 2012. This new initiative is in line with IASSCS’ mission to strengthen research and research capacity globally in socio-cultural dimensions of sexuality, with special attention to countries where sexuality research is not well-developed. Submit all documents to by January 5th 2012.
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