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In 08/11/2011

Globalization and gender relations

According to Raewyn Connell (University of Sydney), "neoliberal globalization has certainly impacted masculinity in quite complex ways. It has created more economic insecurity for very large groups of men around the world, which is in contradiction with the circulation of an image of heterosexual masculinity”.
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In 24/10/2011

Sexual Cultures: theory, practice, research

This conference, co-hosted by the Onscenity Research Network and the Schools of Arts and Social Sciences at Brunel University, will take place on April 20-22 2012 at Brunel University, London, UK. Deadline for the submission of proposals is October 31 2011.
In 19/09/2011

Call For Papers – Queering Paradigms IV

Following the success of the three international, interdisciplinary Queering Paradigms conferences held thus far on three continents, the Interdisciplinary Graduate Program in Applied Linguistics at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), the Graduate Program in Social Memory at the Federal University of the State of Rio de Janeiro (UNIRIO) and the Brazilian Association of Applied Linguistics (ALAB) are proud to announce Queering Paradigms IV, to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from the 25th to the 28th of July, 2012.
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In 14/09/2011

Maternal health and maternal mortality

Reproductive Health Matters seeks papers about why some countries are reducing maternal deaths and others are not and what has changed in the past decade.
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In 08/09/2011

A Comparative Law Casebook

Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Justice: A Comparative Law Casebook collects and analyzes judicial decisions from more than 100 courts around the world. The Casebook showcases the role of international and comparative law in litigation seeking to vindicate the human rights of LGBT individuals.
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In 08/09/2011

Call for contributors: a three-volume book set from Praeger Publishers

As the global HIV/AIDS epidemic progresses into its fourth decade, the three volumes of this set will provide a broad overview of the critical political issues surrounding HIV/AIDS, key areas of policy and policymaking, and the most important forms of activism and ommunity mobilization. The books are designed for an educated, non-specialist audience of general readers, particularly via public and university libraries.
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In 03/08/2011

Sexuality, Health and Society

The eighth issue of Sexuality Health and Society - Latin American Journal assembles a collection of articles representative of some of the main investments in sexuality in the current research landscape of the Region, like the one about the construction and dissemination of the principles of sexual and reproductive rights.
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In 03/08/2011

Against homophobia in schools

Developed by the Australian organization Safe Schools Coalition Victoria (SSCV), Stand Out: Against Homophobia in Schools is a package of resources for students to make an impact on homophobia in schools. It includes a 32 page guide booklet, two new posters, stickers and a video.
In 12/07/2011

CLAM at the VIII IASSCS Conference

CLAM participated at the VIII International Association for the Study of Sexuality, Culture and Society (IASSCS) Conference, “Naming and Framing: The Making of Sexual (In)Equality”. The meeting took place in Madrid (Spain), and focused on the multiple ways that equality and inequality are articulated through sexuality.
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In 05/07/2011

The complex universe of sexuality on the internet

Sexuality Policy Watch (SPW) and the Latin American Center on Sexuality and Human Rights (CLAM) teamed up together to conduct the EroTICs research in Brazil. In this interview, they talk about their participation in the project as an opportunity to address the nuanced impact of new Internet legislation on sexuality.
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