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Women's studies interdisciplinary conference - Call for Papers

Interdisciplinary Conference in Women's Studies
Middle Tennessee State University
Murfreesboro, TN 37132

February 22-24, 2007

Proposal Information
We invite proposals for individual papers, panels, and other presentation formats such as roundtables, posters, and performances with scholarly and/or activist emphasis, addressing the general conference topic of womens studies or the featured theme of 'Performing Gender.' Proposals are welcome from all scholarly fields and disciplines, including the sciences, social sciences, humanities, arts, design, business, sports, and cultural studies.

'Performing Gender' involves a wide spectrum of subjects and approaches. Possible topics might address the following questions. How is gender enacted? How does gender performance--and critique of that performance--affect other aspects of society? What are the consequences of gender performance? What are the implications of race, class, and nationality for gender performance? How do gender performance, sexuality, and sexual orientation intersect? What facets of gender performance remain largely unacknowledged? How has the backlash against conscious gender performance framed itself? How do various social groups negotiate gender?

Possible topics addressing the theme of 'performing gender':

· The Biology, Sociology, and Psychology of Transgender & Transsexuality
· Race, Ethnicity, and Class in the Performance of Gender
· Media Genders
· Globalizing Gender: International Gender Performances
· Performing Queer Gender
· Marketing and Advertising: The Commodification of Gender
· Gender Identity in the Visual Arts
· Science and the Study of Gender Performance
· Corporate Genders: Doing Business, Doing Self
· Sports and Gender Performance
· Cyborgs, Cyberspace and Cybersex: Performing Gender Online
· Children, the Family, and Gender Performance
· Performing Gender and Medicine: Illness and Etiology
· Gendered Language and Speech Performance
· Gender and War
· The Theater of Gender Performance
· Performing the Academy: Gender in the Classroom
· Literary Genders: Performance in/and the Text
· Fashion and Gender Performance
· Presentations and Representations of the Gendered Self
· Feminism and Gender
· Religion and Gender Performance
· Gender Performance and Ecology
· The Ethics of Performing Gender
· Politics of/and Gender Performance
· Voyeurism: Watching Gender Performance

Proposals for 18-20-minute individual presentations and for posters should be 250-500 words, with working bibliography. Panel proposals should include 250-500 word abstracts and bibliographies for each presentation (2-3 per panel). Workshop and performance proposals (up to one hour in length) should include a description of purpose, form, and content. Include name, contact information, and a brief c.v. with all proposals.

All materials should be postmarked or received by email/fax by
September 1, 2006.

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