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Global Perspectives on Same-Sex Sexualities

Os editores do Sexuality Research and Social Policy: Journal of National Sexuality Resource Center (SRSP) estão solicitando contribuições para uma edição especial da publicação, intitulada "Global Perspectives on Same-Sex Sexualities: Desires, Practices, and Identities". Os artigos devem ser enviados (em inglês) até o dia 1 de outubro. Saiba mais informações no texto a seguir, escrito originalmente em inglês:


Global Perspectives on Same-Sex Sexualities: Desires, Practices, and Identities

A Special Issue of Sexuality Research and Social Policy: Journal of NSRC

We are soliciting contributions to a special issue of Sexuality Research and Social Policy: Journal of National Sexuality Resource Center (SRSP). SRSP is a peer-reviewed academic journal; you can examine volume 1 (2004) of the journal for free at The provisional title of this special issue of SRSP is Global Perspectives on Same-Sex Sexualities: Desires, Practices, and Identities. We are very excited about this special issue and hope that you are interested in contributing to it.

The aim of the issue is to further understanding of the worldwide and culture-based organization of same-sex sexuality by studying questions such as: how same-sex sexual desires are constructed and expressed; the variety of identities that have arisen based on these practices; how such identities intersect with other identities; and which underlying micro- and macro-level processes contribute to these identities. In this special issue we would like to examine how factors such as gender systems, gender roles, power inequalities, resistance to normativity, identity politics, subculture formation, generational change, social class, religion, market economies and globalization, and race and ethnicity play a role in the organization of same-sex sexualities. We also aim to address the representation of same-sex/gender sexualities in a variety of discourses, including public health, policy, the social sciences, popular culture, etc.

We are interested in different kinds of contributions, including ethnographic and behavioral studies, intervention studies, methodological and conceptual papers, cultural analyses, best practices, and policy analyses. Examples of topics that we would like to see covered in this special issue include:

- Interconnections between religiosity, spirituality and same-sex sexual desires

- Methodological challenges in designing health and human rights interventions

- Localized same-sex sexualities theories and discourses

- Decision making processes regarding same-sex courtship, marriage, and family formation

- Critical analysis of the roles played by international agencies in defining sexual categories

- Intersections of transnationalism and urbanization with the configuration of same-sex sexual practices and identities

- The role of sexual and gender stigma in creating (maintaining) social class inequalities for people participating in same-sex sexualities

- Social policy and sexual health relevant to sexual minorities

- Cross-cultural measurement and validation of assessments of sexual desire, practice, and identities

We believe that it is essential to make vital information in this area available to other researchers, practitioners, and policy makers at a time when many of the systems that support sexuality research are endangered. If you are interested in contributing to this special issue we ask you to send an abstract (300 words or less) of your potential contribution no later than October 1, 2007 to both Miguel Muñoz-Laboy at and Terry Stein at All submitted abstracts will be reviewed by us, and we will then inform you whether you are invited to submit a manuscript. Manuscripts will be peer-reviewed prior to acceptance for publication in the journal. If your abstract is accepted, you will receive a detailed letter with specific author and submission instructions. Deadline for the submission of manuscripts is March 15, 2008.

If you have additional questions about this special issue, please contact Miguel Muñoz-Laboy. Miguel Muñoz-Laboy, DrPH, Theo Sandfort, PhD, & Huso Yi, PhD Columbia University, New York, USA

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Publicada em: 02/08/2007


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