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Williams Institute Seeks New Senior Scholar

The Williams Institute is seeking a full-time, permanent Senior Scholar who conducts social science and policy-related research on sexual orientation and/or gender identity issues. We are interested in candidates whose work addresses parenting, family, workplace, health, education, violence, LGBT youth, LGBT elderly, and/or the underlying causes of homophobia. In particular, we seek candidates whose research incorporates concerns of people of color in LGBT communities.

Candidates should have a PhD and at least three years of post-degree experience in a research-related position. Applicants are welcome from any social science discipline, including sociology, social psychology, political science, public policy, economics, anthropology, and public health. The Senior Scholar will join a staff of social science researchers, including current Williams Senior Scholars Lee Badgett and Gary Gates, legal scholars, and support staff, who are dedicated to the production of rigorous and relevant social science and policy research.

Click here to apply and for a full description of the position.

Application Deadline is July 1, 2010.

Publicada em: 06/05/2010


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